Model aplicabil

Aceste informaţii sunt pentru următoarele modele:

  • PWS-110RX1
  • PWS-110RX1A

Sony is offering a software update for Network RX Station “PWS-100RX1/PWS-110RX1/PWS-110RX1A”


Applicable model

Network RX Station “PWS-100RX1/PWS-110RX1/PWS-110RX1A”


Applicable system software version

The applicable products are with the software version “Ver 1.6.1” or later.

After updating, the software version will be “Ver 1.8.0”.


Contents of update

1.     Remote Proxy REC On/Off (NCM with Proxy On/Off) *


* Applicable for PXW-X500, PXW-Z450, PXW-X400, CBK-WA100, CBK-WA101