Model aplicabil

Aceste informaţii sunt pentru următoarele modele:

  • HKSR-5001
  • HKSR-5802
  • HKSR-5803HQ
  • SRW-5800


1.) 2048 x 1556 mode has been added.

2.) 3D 444 RGB mode has been added.

3.) 444 RGB double speed playback and recording has been added.

4.) 1920 x 1080 RGB 12 bit recording has been added.

5.) Consumer style 3D side by side monitoring has been added.

6.) 3D streams can now be individually edited.

7.) Left and right 3D channels can now be swapped in monitor output.

8.) 3D LUT function has been added for the HKSR-5001/20 Format Converter Board.

CAUTION: This s/w can be used to upgrade from SYS1 V2.00 or higher. Units with SYS1 V1.xx require a hardware modification. Refer to document PRE-03LV for further details.