Model aplicabil

Aceste informaţii sunt pentru următoarele modele:

  • PMW-50

1.) The following recording and playback functions are supported:
  • i.LINK MXF DV (recording and playback)
  • i.LINK DVCAM output at the time of MXF DV clip playback
  • MXF DV recording at the time of i.LINK DVCAM
Note: Supported formats are as follows:
  • Playback (i.LINK output): 720 x 480/59.94i, 720 x 576/50i
  • Recording (i.LINK input): MXF DVCAM NTSC/PAL
2.) The DVCAM signal input via i.LINK can be recorded by setting the Input Source Select to i.LINK, SDI/HDMI/i.LINK I/O Select to SD, and Rec Format to DVCAM in the UDF/SD mode.
3.) Playback with the SDI/HDMI/i.LINK/ I/O Select set to SD and the Rec Format to DVCAM when outputting the DVCAM record clip from the i.LINK.
Note: The Ch1/2 will be recorded as the audio when the i.LINK DVCAM input is recorded as MXF.