Model aplicabil

Aceste informaţii sunt pentru următoarele modele:

  • LMD-A170
  • LMD-A220
  • LMD-A240
  • PVM-A170
  • PVM-A250

[Purpose of this software]
This software is developed for discovering and updating multiple units of the PVM-A series and LMD-A series of the Sony professional monitor automatically over a local area network and this updates the firmware of them serially and automatically. 
The latest firmware for each model is separately provided from the Sony support page and it needs to be loaded to this software.

[Applicable monitor models and versions]
・PVM-A250 V1.1 or later
・PVM-A170 V1.1 or later
・LMD-A240 V1.1 or later
・LMD-A220 V1.1 or later
・LMD-A170 V1.1 or later
・The software version for a monitor can be found on Status 4/4 in the OSD menu of it.

[Preparation and How to update]
・You need to prepare an Windows PC, a switching hub, ethernet cables and each firmware of the applicable models.
For more details, please read "Monitor_Update_User_Guide(V1_1)".
・ This software installation takes about one minute after clicking the .exe file.